We buy at antique shops, centres, shows, auctions, andtrade warehouses across the England.
We ship 40' containers directly to the back door loading entrance of our Shelton, Washington store.
When our box truck is full, we take our purchases to the warehouse in Pevensey, U.K. where our furniture is stored, wrapped and packed into shipping containers destined for our Shelton store.  


40 foot hi-cube


has arrived

We are experiencing delays in shipments due to Coronavirus, shipping delays and port congestion.  

Salvage stained glass windows are more difficult to find because most British homeowners have already replaced or insulated their old windows. 

Our Shop is

Full Again 

Once more our store is filled with Antiques, actually overflowing. Our most recent shipment arrived the las week of September, 2023. This shipment has lots of sideboards, display cabinets, bureaus, table & chair sets and stained glass. Our next shipment is due December, 2023.